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Benefits for the Body

Dance Class

Mental/Emotional Benefits

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Spirtual/Energetic Benefits

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Become more comfortable in your body, free from pain and tension and able to move joints more freely.


Improve painful chronic, acute, or repetitive motion conditions, including those involving headache, foot and arm pain, neck, jaw, and back pain. 


Release and relieve tightness, tenderness, and compression.

Sit and stand taller with greater ease.

Make peace with difficult emotions and life situations. 


Have a better understanding and skill around releasing emotions and listening to the self and the body.


Become clearer in thought and more focused rather than overwhelmed and confused. 


Learn how to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and worry and become more optimistic, calm, peaceful, and energetic. 

Feel more grounded, centered, aligned, and balanced. 


Feel more peaceful and experience smoother (as opposed to chaotic or hyped-up) energy.


Overcome lethargy and decreased motivation. 


Come back to the present moment.

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