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After three traditional specialists were unable to cure my chronic dizziness... journey with Maria Petrucci, D.C. began. I sincerely believe that the combination of traditional and holistic practice that Maria uses helped heal what I was told would be a permanent condition…As an individual who has made a conscious decision to embrace spirituality and alternative medicine as a part of my life’s journey, I appreciate Maria’s approach to diagnosing and treating the root of the problem and not the symptoms. I would highly recommend her to others. - J.E

Dr. Petrucci is a gifted practitioner with a holistic approach to healing. 

I appreciate her gentle, empathic, and intuitive approach to patients… I have realized amazing improvement in my general health and pain management since I began chiropractic treatment with her;  I consider Dr. Petrucci to be a valuable member of my health team and frequently recommend her to friends. - C.S.

I enjoyed my distance craniosacral healing with Dr. Maria.

She is very intuitive and often picked up on images that I was seeing in my mind during the session.  She is also caring and attentive, frequently asking me how I felt and what I needed during the session. I feel strong, centered, grounded, and more present in my body after working with her.  -  A.L.

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